Queenstown Hospitality

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We have lived and taken many holidays in and around Queenstown for over 10 years. - and we’ve also helped hundreds of families plan a great holiday and can help you do the same.

We can help.

Queenstown is a great place for a multitude of activities ranging from the adventurous to relaxed beauty.

Explore the best of Queenstown & New Zealand here,
or contact us directly to find out how to have the best time you can have - depending on your interests, budget, and time. 

Exclusive Home

We offer our exclusive private home to select guests.

Amazing views over Queenstown and surrounds, with all the comforts.

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This website does not have exhaustive information on Queenstown - it’s designed to give you an idea of what a Queenstown Holiday has to offer.

We are a family concern.

We can help plan and personalise your itinerary, and can help you make bookings if you wish.

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